Un Business Plan dettagliato è un documento fondamentale per start-up e aziende che vogliono espandere il proprio business in nuovi segmenti e mercati o consolidare il proprio posizionamento in un mercato sempre più volto all’innovazione. 

JEME redige previsionali a breve e medio termine, definendo gli obiettivi e analizzando i rischi correlati. I nostri previsionali sono sempre validati da analisi su fonti primarie e secondarie, per assicurare previsioni precise e accurate. Sia per nuovi business o business già consolidati, ci occupiamo di comprendere la struttura dei costi e di condurre analisi a riguardo, in quanto punti cardine di un business plan.


The business plan is a complex document made up of many closely related components, but we can identify the fundamental elements that make up a business plan, which are:

  • Executive Summary
  • Product / service definition
  • Team definition
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing Plan
  • Business and organization model
  • Financials
In carrying out the project, the team will proceed with a detailed description of the business idea highlighting the innovative components and the distinctive elements with respect to the current market scenario. The main purpose of this section is to convince the reader of the validity of the idea. It includes the analysis of the reference market in order to determine the sustainability of the project. The analysis of the product system was followed by the presentation of the management team and / or the key figures of the project in such a way as to demonstrate to a potential investor that the company can count on qualified human resources and with the right skills for the success of the company. Once the descriptive part is complete, the team proceeds to define the heart of the business plan, ie the strategic plan. In carrying out this task, both quantitative and qualitative data regarding the final market will be searched in order to highlight any future trends. This will be followed by the definition part of the market positioning and the determination of the competitive strategy. The strategic plan will then be implemented operationally through the detailed drafting of the actions that will be performed by the company (assignment of responsibility roles, “make or buy” strategies). The JEME team will be able to provide a highly detailed plan that will assist the entrepreneur in the operational development of the project. The most important part, especially for investors, is the financial analysis as it quantitatively establishes the profitability of the idea. It contains the three- or five-year forecast balance sheet describing in detail investments, loans, monetary entry and exit. This part not only allows the investor to determine the sustainability of the project but allows the entrepreneur to accurately predict the financial needs of the company. The process of creating the business plan is then completed with the drafting of the Executive Summary although in the final output it will go at the beginning. The Executive Summary contains a brief description of the key points with the aim of arousing the client’s interest. Given its key role in the decision-making process, it is drawn up with particular care and attention and only once all the information has been collected and analyzed.The business plan can finally be summarized in a PowerPoint presentation designed to convey the salient points of the output to potential investors.


To define the business plan, we must first determine the subject to whom the document is addressed. In most cases, the business plan is addressed to an investor, and in this case it is an elaborate in which you want to provide a 360-degree image of the company exposing in detail the business model, defining what are the objectives and the methods with which they are intended to be achieved. It includes a detailed analysis of the reference market and above all a financial analysis in which the mid-term estimates of the income statement will be included in order to determine the profitability of the idea. The document thus structured serves potential investors to understand the operation and future prospects of the company, in order to decide whether to proceed with the financing project. This is why the business plan is a very useful tool for finding potential investors. The business plan is also very useful for internal use, especially during the start-up phase of the business, to help the entrepreneur define his medium-term strategy, his objectives and future financial needs, greatly facilitating management.


Our customers appreciate the professionalism and completeness of the business plans presented by our team: our approach aims to offer the client an extremely reliable document directly presentable to potential investors. The flexibility and the ability to adopt innovative approaches of our team lead to the drafting of a highly personalized deliverable that can fully meet the needs of the customer.


La passione per il settore dell’automotive e del design hanno spinto Gianpiero Zenati, startupper con competenze avanzate nel disegno tecnico e nell’utilizzo di software applicativi di design e grafica, a ideare una hypercar innovativa e iper-tecnologica. Sia l’interno che l’esterno dell’auto sono studiati per rendere le sue forme armoniche, sinuose e fedeli al design made in Italy.

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