Are you considering whether to face a corporate reorganization and are you looking for an expert partner to help you?

In addition to financial advantages, a corporate restructuring allows the relaunch of an activity and the increase in the value of the company, however in many other cases the advantages consist in obtaining a competitive advantage, helping a company to position itself for the growth and expansion in other geographical areas


The phases of the organization are articulated starting from a description of the structure of the business unit (BU) and cost centers, then we proceed to study the allocation methodology for cost and revenue centers and then to the analysis of the allocation efficiency of these resources. In the following phases, the results of the income statement by BU and cost centers are analyzed, and a management audit is also examined. This type of analysis can also be accompanied by a legal research, aimed at identifying the feasibility of implementing the restructuring, and the drawing up of the internal organization chart, as well as a job description, in order to put order starting from human resources. At the end, the results of the research are presented and any changes in structural, organizational and control are proposed. Proposals that are presented with future prospects for organic growth and expansion in the market.
Furthermore, our association, by exploiting a continuous contact as well as confrontation with the customer, tries to structure the company reorganization, avoiding solutions that may not be too pleasing to the customer, such as a transfer of work or employees.


The corporate restructuring, also called reorganization, is a strategic corporate planning process aimed at reducing costs and increasing business efficiency. With this aim, JEME acts as a consultancy intermediary for corporate restructuring and structuring through solution processing on fit for the needs of the company in difficulty or for small growing companies that need an internal organization capable of supporting the process in the long term in an organic manner. JEME Bocconi Students, through an in-depth study of the corporate structure, its potential and its gaps, is able to help the company to operate the company turnaround with a strategic support in the organizational and allocation phase.


JEME, following its characteristics of innovation, professionalism and quality, with the young and enterprising mentality that has distinguished it for decades, proposes, therefore, the most suitable solution for a bespoke corporate restructuring, this is made possible also thanks to a team of ad hoc work for the project.

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