Being able to work with multinational companies is a reason of great pride for JEME because it allows us to interface with the big companies of today’s world. Regardless of the sector, the size of the customer and the project in question, professionalism and quality are the pillars of our work and our outputs. This is also highlighted by our past customers and extremely positive customer satisfaction and customer retention data.


JEME offers tailor-made services characterized by quality, precision and professionalism, as certified by ISO 9001, and which are structured step by step with the customer; this is made possible by the method of work and internal organization of the association, which envisage a team formed ad hoc for each project, a revision phase and a phase of auditing, or control by a member of the Board of Directors. In support of the big multinationals, our team prepares market analysis and mapping in order to have a precise shot of the sector, understand past trends and anticipate potential developments in order to be able to position a product or a service in an appropriate manner. This type of service is offered both on primary and secondary sources, depending on the needs and requirements of the multinational company itself: the choice often varies according to the purpose of the research and, irrespective of the type selected, the analysis always results in added value for our customers. In addition, JEME also offers to large companies market entry services in the Italian context: our team is fully involved in understanding not only the dynamics and the market contexts, but also evaluates potential margins in a hypothetical case of market entry, analyzing not only the economic variables but also the legal conditions to make this entry necessary. This service has been greatly appreciated by customers who have used it to develop an adequate entry strategy within the Italian landscape and maximize profits. In addition, we have recently started offering the same type of service to companies that intend to enter other European markets, other than the Italian one. This is possible because we can exploit the European network, and not only, of Junior Enterprises, and in particular rely on our partners for analysis on primary sources. These solutions are just a few examples of the services offered by our team: based on your needs, we develop an appropriate strategy to solve your problem.


The innovation and constant improvement of our services, guided by the continuous training of our associates, is what drives big companies to ask for support and assistance for their projects. Being able to count on a team of young, creative, flexible people who are really willing to experiment and get involved, is what large companies often seek and JEME is the perfect answer to this market need.

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Deloitte Milano, who had already partially followed the realisation of the paper for Deloitte Luxembourg, enthusiastic about the first work, contacted us, thanks to one of our Alumni, for a new project. 
The client, in collaboration with the Nctm law firm, wanted to understand the situation, needs and development of the Individual Savings Plans market, with the ultimate goal of assessing the possibility for Deloitte to provide consultancy and risk management services in this market.

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