Annual Report

Why Annual Report?

The purpose of this document is not only to publish our economical results: it also aims at informing, explaining, persuading, motivating and giving a meaning to those figures.

The annual report is surely one of the most effective means of communication towards the external world. It is not a balance sheet, but an “annual overview”, thus the best occasion to talk about a company, of its milestones and its strategies directed to a very high level and qualified target, not to mention the great stakeholder network of the company itself.

In a moment full of changes and growth, as this is being for JEME, we decided to officially make everyone aware all those who had, have or will have any connection with our entity. We are striving to involve our stakeholders and let them know about all the facts, our decisions, the goals we reached and also the overcome obstacles in the year that has just finished.


Below you can find the latest Annual Reports published both in Italian and English


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