JEME Best Junior Enterprise in Italy

During JADE Italia May Meeting this year, JEME was once again awarded with the award of Best Junior Enterprise in Italy. We are therefore proud to be able to reconfirm the title, which on the one hand makes us proud of the work done so far and on the other, pushes us forward with our commitment and our dedication for what we believe. A special thank-you goes to the entire Italian network of Junior Enterprise without which we would certainly not be what we are now. 2016 was a year of exponential growth for JEME, with the organization of JIMM, the ever-stimulating entry of projects and the preparation of the Summer JADE Conference 2017, the European Junior Enterprise Meeting that will take place in July.

With the certainty that the future can bring continuous and constant improvements, we also extend our gratitude to those who follow us, to our alumni who have all contributed to the development of the association and to those who work daily to make JEME a great Italian and European reality .

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