A short summary of JEME's story. From the foundation until today always marked by the desire to grow and amaze.

1988 – 1992: The Beginnings

On the 17th of November 1988, eight young students of Bocconi University decided to create an innovative new reality in the Italian scenery. During a journey to France, some of them got in touch with the local students, who were surprised to hear that at such a prestigious school of management like Bocconi University, didn’t exist what was already a common institution at French universities: a Junior Enterprise. Returning back home, they were thrilled by the idea and, more than that, excited by the challenge of integrating this concept at their own university, and set out to found a new student association that operates as a consulting firm, providing professional services to companies. It has been a long journey since 1988 and now more than ever, we can say that this goal was achieved. JEME Bocconi, an acronym for ‘Junior Enterprise Milano Economia’, has since been consistently managed by ever new generations of students that, like its founders, shared the desire to go beyond their studies and expose themselves to the commitment and challenges of operating this Enterprise.


JEME Bocconi was founded at the end of the 80’s, in the turbulent environment of the “Milano da Bere”, with an explicitly international spirit. The official act, undersigned at the Notary studio Avanzini, carries the signatures of Alessandro Bellotti, Stefano Bennati, Paolo Massari, Matteo Aldo Corbetta, Antonio Oteri, Alessandro Alloiso, Lorenza Franchetti and Francesco Sacco. The first associates all shared a passion for information technology, which in combination with their international orientation led to the first big project of this newborn association: an online computerized mapping of radio electric disturbances in the city of Milan, commissioned by a French society. Following the strong connection between JEME Bocconi and the French network further led to the acquisition of numerous other projects of international scope, commissioned by Renault France, Citroen Italia, Erg, Orange Fresh and many more.


By 1992 JEME Bocconi had already become an established and dynamic part of the university life. The main goal of that time period was the improvement of its position within the University, on which JEME focused most of its efforts and capabilities. The event that marked the official recognition of JEME as a Junior Enterprise was the assignment of a notice board in the Via Sarfatti branch of the University and the setting up of the historical office in Via Calatafimi, an office of only 3,5 x 2,5 meters, furnished with makeshift means. In the meantime CJE, a confederation that enlisted all Italian Junior Enterprises, was created (1992/ o eventualmente aggiungere “in 1992), in which JEME, since its beginning, enjoyed a very strong representation.

1993 – 1996: Growth and Junior Excellence

The second half of the 1990s marked a period of rapid expansion for JEME, that saw almost a fourfold increase in its number of associates in less than 2 years. In November 1996 JEME housed the first congress of JADE in Italy, affirming its International nature and further increasing its ability to engage with an ever-larger number of other European students. From the 4th of December 1997, due to the “Zamagni” law, JEME was able to be enlisted as an ONLUS, adapting itself to this new status and benefiting from the special tax regulations for this category.


The year 1998 marked the tenth anniversary of the foundation of the association, and was celebrated realizing the mission of trait d’union between the University and the world of work. That year JEME hosted an initiative, that evolved to become an annual event and led to the creation of ‘Junior Excellence’ a year later: a business simulation organized in cooperation with the most powerful and important consulting firms, including a conference on entrepreneurship, which was open to members of the European network. In the same year JEME reached a revenue volume of 250 million Lire.


From 1999 onwards, during the period of the ‘Junior Excellence’-initiative, JEME was able to bring the most powerful national and international firms to the university. Throughout these years, until 2009, the last year in which the event was organized, it was one of the most important and ground-breaking conferences both for the participating firms and for the Bocconi student body, who enjoyed the chance of experiencing the work of a consultant for a day.

2000 – 2007: The new challenges

The beginning of the century sees a growth in both  the number of the associates and in the interest toward the association. During this period JEME reached 400 million Lire of revenues and experienced a change in its philosophy which became: ” formation as compensation”. Last but not least, there was a change in the headquarter which moved to Via San Francesco d’Assisi 3, in the heart of Bocconi campus.


The recognition of the efforts made by JEME came in  the form of different awards: firstly, for the first time JEME’s associates were elected in  both JADE Italia’s and JADE’s board, secondly JEME was awarded the title of  “Most Entrepreneurial Junior Enterprise” in 2004 and Azzurra Giorgio was awarded as“Most Engaged Junior Entrepreneur” in 2007 thanks to her commitment in both JEME and JADE Italia.

2008 – 2014: The need to reinvent itself

A special event dedicated to all JEME’s Alumni was organised in the occasion of the twenty year anniversary. The event was held in  the location of Palazzo Bocconi and hosted important personalities for JEME’s history such as Professor Pavesi and Profesor Agliati, both from Bocconi University. This event was also important for the presentation of the first JEME book a valuable source to illustrate JEME’s history. The desire to overcome its limits is a constant in JEME: in July 2010 JEME organized the “Junior Enterprise World Conference”. The event played a fundamental role in raising JEME’s reputation inside the network. The JEWC was sort of a rebirth , giving JEME new strenghts and enthusiasm to approach new markets. JEME kept up with its growing pace in  2011-2012 the record of more than 20 associates, 15 projects per year and €24.000 in revenue. Many innovations took place in  JEME between 2008 and 2014, in particular, JEME explored new channels,   acquired new types of customers and introduced a division of sales prospecting.


Lastly, In the occasion of the twentyfive year anniversary, JEME organized two events: “JADE Summer  Meeting 2013” and, in  May 2014, “Young Entrepreneurs – Students, Consultants, Entrepreneurs”, which hosted many influential speakers and was attended by students, stratuppers, investors and tech incubators. In the same year JEME opened a new sales office in Shanghai, thanks to the initiative of one of JEME’s associates taking a Double Degree program in Fudan University. JEME also wrote the first book on hearth about Junior Enterprises: “Un’impresa da universitari”, becoming the promoter of the Junior Enterprise movment.

2015 – 2016: Last steps

The years 2014 and 2016 represent a turning point in JEME’s history thanks to the development of a new strategy based on the development of new services and on taking a primary role in  the national panorama in the process of recognition of the JE movement. For the first time JEME reached a level of revenue equal to the record of the end of the Nineties and increased the number of projects completed. During the same period JEME tightened its relationship with Bocconi University, Ministero del lavoro and MIUR. These relationship gave the movment a chance to be recognized and offer the associates the chance to have thier experience in  JEME recognized like a job experience in  a proper entrerprise.


JEME at the same time, has enlarged the focus of its operation becoming godmother of the first JE in Australia and signing a partnership with the first JE founded in North America. As a recognition  of its outstanding results, JEME won in 2015 the award for “Most Entrepreneurial Junior Enterprise in Europe”, in 2016 “Best Junior Enterprise in Italy”, also gaining the second place for “Junior Enterprise of the Year in Europe”, establishing its role of one of the best JE in the international panorama.

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