Special services

JEME Bocconi Studenti, as Junior Enterprise, is always ready to undertake projects that do not fall within the services typically offered by a consulting company. In fact, our goal is, as consultants, to be able to meet the needs of a wide range of potential customers, while as entrepreneurs, to get involved and face any challenge we face, focusing on its training opportunities for the members of our team. This is possible thanks to the dynamic structure of the association and the resourcefulness of the associated consultants.

Non-traditional services

JEME during its long history, thanks to its strong network of partners and thanks to the help of many professionals, including several professors of Bocconi University, has been able to bring great added value to customers, whatever their request initial.

For example, the JEME team managed to deliver in a very short time (less than a week between negotiation and delivery of the output) material useful for the analysis on the opening of a commercial activity in the city of Milan for a famous financial consulting boutique. In this case the customer was particularly impressed by the professionalism and speed with which the output was provided. We believe that offering services that do not really fall within our core services represents an opportunity to forge an ever stronger bond with our customers, creating solid long-term relationships in order to become their point of reference for any future projects.

Academic institutions

Our customers, in some cases, are not just commercial companies, but we also work for institutions. These projects include, in particular, surveys carried out through the administration of questionnaires, aimed at the target of the organization in question, whose purpose is to derive useful information regarding its own activities.

Among these institutions, a solid relationship has been tightened with the Bocconi University itself. Thanks to its strong integration with the university reality, JEME is the perfect subject to carry out this type of analysis that usually targets a particularly young age group. JEME can offer particular help to institutions or bodies that work with the new generationsthanks to its fresh and creative point of view, which it does not share with any other consulting firm.

Non-profit organizations

JEME has also developed many projects for non-profit associations. We all, as Junior Entrepreneur, share a strong social vocation by making sure that our work has a positive impact on the reality in which we live. That is the reason whhy JEME dedicates itself with determination and enthusiasm to projects involving non-profit organizations. The project that JEME certainly is most proud of in this area was carried out for an association involved in the reception and education of children, offering support to families. This association at the time of the first contact with JEME was in a strong expansion phase with the launch of numerous projects. The main concern of the CEO of this association resided in a growth not adequately supported by an efficient and functional control and management system that would allow this reality to last over time. Thanks to the JEME Bocconi Studenti consulting, the control and management system was analyzed and restructured, and analysis of the flow of donations and of the CRM system were conducted. Currently the case study related to the project is studied at SDA Bocconi, as a demonstration of the high quality of the project.


JJEME Bocconi Studenti is a very dynamic company that caters to a wide range of customers, adapting to their needs in a complete way. This flexibility distinguishes JEME from the panorama of traditional consulting companies that offer specific and standardized services, overshadowing the real needs of the customer.


The client

Deloitte Luxembourg, thanks to one of our Alumni, contacted us to carry out an analysis of the Asset Management market in Italy. The customer, in fact, wanted us to create a White Paper, containing information on the current state of the Italian market and the major disruptive elements of the industry, to be presented at a conference that would take place in Luxembourg in the following months.

The Asset Management market in Italy is experiencing a prolonged period of growth, as shown by the positive results of the main funds and portfolios. Investors are increasingly seeing attractive potential in these funds, both thanks to the diversification possibilities they offer and the professional skills of financial operators.

In this context, however, various changes are expected that will offer new opportunities and challenges for the players in the sector.

  • JEME has created a White Paper related to the Asset Management market in Italy, gathering the necessary information through both secondary sources and experts in the field that contributed to make the work more complete and in-depth.
  • The team that implemented the output, entirely in English, was composed of 10 operational resources led by a project manager
  • The study analyzed the Asset Management market in Italy through different perspectives: after a preliminary descriptive overview of the history of investments in Italy, the market subject to analysis was included in this context.
    In fact, the characteristics, the main funds and their related trends in asset management over the national territory were analyzed.
    Then, the paper studies the distribution model of these identified funds, identifying, in this way, the main players in the sector and including its degree of concentration. In addition, the profile of the Italian investor was delineated, in order to better understand the demand side and its specific needs.To give a more complete view of the market, the regulatory challenges that could have involved Asset Management were analyzed, including their possible impacts on it. The last chapter of the paper was dedicated to digital revolutions, such as Reg Tech, Robo Advisory, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, and to the implications that their spread could cause on this market
  • Thanks to our in-depth analysis, it has been possible to publish a research, now publicly available, thus extending the existing literature with a study based on concrete data. In particular, the paper offers an complete vision of the reference sector, integrating the characteristics of the demand side with those of the offer and with future trends that may result in significant changes in the same market.
  • Our team had the opportunity to present the study at the conference in Luxembourg. The realization of this project gave us the opportunity to establish a lasting collaboration with Deloitte, which led to the commission of a second job.

“We had the opportunity to get in touch with an innovative, young and highly qualified entrepreneurial reality. We can say, in fact, that the results of this collaboration are excellent from every point of view.” (Emmanuelle Miette, Partner Deloitte Luxembourg)

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