Vorresti definire la tua “Market Entry Strategy” ma hai difficoltà a trovare un partner in grado di supportarti?

Quando si parla di market entry immediatamente ci si concentra sui vantaggi che un’espansione internazionale potrebbe portare in termini di maggiori profitti, minori costi, acquisizione di nuove competenze; tuttavia quali che siano gli obbiettivi che vi siete posti e le motivazioni che vi portano ad intraprendere una strategia di espansione è fondamentale essere ben supportati.


Between those services that our consultacy association provides there is the support to Italian businesses in the process of internationalization. The data show that business which export perform better than those who don’t. JEME, thanks to its network of Junior Enterprises in Europe and around the world, and through its young and dynamic team is able to provide the support needed for those firms that intend to expand in foreign markets. In developing the Entry Market strategy, JEME will provide to verify if the conditions of the target market are favourable to the introduction of the new product and, in case of a positive response, to define which is the best approach between the direct export or the formation of partnerships with local operators. During the unfolding of the project the legal component will be kept into consideration thanks to the team members with legal formation. The complexity of the composition of a Market Entry strategy depends greatly on the target market, because of this the time needed to elaborate one can vary.


In a big business or in a small firm one of the most complex aspects of the corporate life is the expansion of the business in a new market. Be it a project of internationalization (to expand in the international market) or diversification (interface with a totally new market for the business) it is important to make an in-depth analysis of the new market to make it possible to structure a successful market entry strategy, in order to allow the firm to expand successfully. JEME Bocconi Studenti offers consultancy services to both international firms interested in entering the Italian market, and to national businesses interested in expanding their activities beyond the border. JEME’s team can help foreign businesses to define a Market Entry Analysis in the Italian market starting from a market analysis in the interested market, highlighting critical issues and possible solutions of a new product in the Italian market. Thanks to presence of resources with legal formation, on request of the client, we are able to provide a legal analysis to define the requisites that a business must comply in order to operate in Italy. Moreover, we will define a fit selling and distribution strategy, coherent with the peculiarities of the product and of the Italian market. The fact the JEME operates in Milan, the economic capital of the country, and in one of the most famous business school in Europe guarantees a privileged observation point on the Italian market, which helps us provide the client a consultancy with high added value.


JEME is the right association for any business that decides to take on a process of internationalization, in particular thanks to its strong European network and for its competitive prices, compared to other companies that offer this service. Among the Market Entries the most successful one was made for a branch of a multinational working in consumer electronics specialized in security systems which wanted to commercialize its products in Italy. Even though the segment was strongly regulated and characterized by a very complex net of sales, JEME’s team was able to provide the client a detailed legal analysis, together with an analysis of the distributive system, providing the tools necessary to operate in the Italian market. Trust JEME to define your Expansion Strategy, you’ll receive immediate consultancy.

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Una sussidiaria di Panasonic che focalizza il suo core business nella produzione, vendita e sviluppo di alcuni sistemi elettronici per gli immobili. Il cliente voleva comprendere la convenienza economico-legislativa per l’ingresso nel medesimo mercato in Italia.

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