How do you draw up a marketing plan and how can it help you develop a winning strategy?

A good business model is not enough for the success of a company or a startup, it requires the support of an effective marketing plan.


The process that leads to the formation of a marketing plan begins with an in-depth analysis of the market in which the company operates. this phase is crucial first of all to define the characteristics of the market and in particular to identify the drivers that guide the choice of the final customers towards a determined product and how these factors can be influenced. In fact, we believe it is important to carry out this analysis internally in order to align ourselves perfectly with the customer's needs, unlike other more structured companies that base their work mainly on sector reports, thus providing a more standardized output. Once a first phase of analysis of the results obtained concerning the consumer's attitudes of the customer, which may be a natural person or a company, and the target customers have been identified, the actual marketing plan is drawn up by acting on the four marketing levers: product, price, distribution and promotion.
Our team will accompany the customer from a simple business idea to the development of a product that is able to satisfy the needs of the public. Secondly, we will determine the ideal price level at which to propose the article or service in such a way as to make it attractive to potential customers without neglecting the entrepreneur's profit. To support this particular phase (competitor analysis and mystery shopping will be carried out), in order to position oneself at a correct price level even compared to competitors.
In carrying out the marketing plan, the distribution strategy best suited to the product and to the needs will be developed, thoroughly assessing its impact on the economic result. The last phase of the project constitutes the drafting of the most suitable marketing strategy to reach the target customers. In this phase it is essential for the team to have the ability to fully understand the market in order to choose the communication channels that best fit the objective set. Recently JEME has created a marketing campaign for a start-up active in the software development sector. The key to the success of this project was the determination of specific campaigns for the different types of customers (consumer and business).
The JEME team thanks to a flexible approach that adapts to the customer's needs, creating a perfectly customized strategy for the client, which will be involved throughout the project to ensure the perfect alignment between our modus operandi and its expectations . The project realization time can vary greatly depending on the customer's requests but on average it is around 40 working days, to which is added the advantage of being able to start the project in less time than other consulting companies.


An effective marketing plan allows you to make your product known and JEME thanks to the flexible and open mentality of its resources, can accompany companies in developing a plan that fully meets the customer's objectives. This is why it is important that in the early stages of the client project we provide information about the current business model and clientele, as well as the income targets we intend to achieve.


Our work is characterized by a broad and complete vision and an original and innovative approach to projects. These peculiarities allow us to develop extremely effective marketing and communication plans that can help companies successfully introduce a product or service into the market. Our mission is to provide high quality output at a very competitive price for the consulting market. What sets us apart is in fact an excellent value for money and a strong orientation towards customer satisfaction.

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