Quali sono i servizi che JEME può offrire a Start-up e PMI?

JEME è in grado di offrire un ampio ventaglio di servizi che rispondono alle esigenze di Start-up e PMI in modo tale da guidarle in un percorso di crescita che le porti al sucesso

What services can JEME offer to Start-ups and SMEs?

JEME is able to offer a wide range of services that meet the needs of Start-ups and SMEs in order to guide them on a path of growth that leads them to success.


JEME offers tailor-made services characterized by quality, precision and professionalism, which are structured step by step with the customer. This is made possible by the working method and internal organization of the association, which provide a specific team formed for each project. In particular, complete business plans with a medium-term planning time spectrum are developed to support SMEs. These are composed of different types of complementary analyzes, including market analysis, marketing plans and financial analysis and programming. Another fundamental service that JEME makes available to Small and Medium Enterprises is market analysis, thanks to the use of both primary and secondary sources and a final data processing.For start-ups, JEME has structured a range of consulting services aimed at the growth and development of the new company.For this purpose JEME offers detailed feasibility analyzes, in which the reference market, the possible legal viability of the idea and the final profitability of the start-up are studied. Furthermore, this analysis can be implemented at will by the customer according to particular needs, such as participation in calls for funding. In addition, JEME completes the offer of strategic consulting services through the high degree of adaptation to customer needs, and a continuous process of training and updating of its resources, in order to produce innovative and personalized deliverables.Finally, the customer is offered additional services to that required, from the creation of a Corporate Identity, to the improvement / creation of an Internet site. These are services that, according to the team, could increase the added value of the entire project, as well as making the company for which it is working more solid and compact, ready to face the market.


JEME Bocconi Students has always seen a fundamental part of its clientele in the small and medium-sized Italian companies. For three decades, our association has been a pivotal point in the consulting sector for this essential part of the Italian economic structure. The combination of our reality and Italian SMEs is supported by a set of shared values, including high quality, continuous innovation and professionalism, which characterize the Made in Italy in the world and differentiate JEME on the market. In recent years with the technological evolution, then, new entities such as Start-ups have appeared on the market and JEME has not been left behind. In line with its principles of “Training as remuneration” and of continuous updating, we have developed specific services, focused on the growth of these innovative realities. The young and creative mentality and the passion that unite JEME and the Start-ups have allowed us to become the perfect answer to the needs of these new young entrepreneurs.

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The passion for the automotive and design sector has pushed Gianpiero Zenati, a startupper with advanced skills in technical design and in the use of design and graphics application software, to create an innovative and hyper-technological hypercar. Both the interior and exterior of the car are designed to make its harmonious and sinuous shapes faithful to made in Italy design.

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